Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend which encourages students to bring their own learning device to school.  Hundreds of schools across New Zealand now have a policy in place to support this.   

Parents and students largely get to decide which device will be used to complete the students’ studies as schools tend to only have a few minor requirements or preferences.  As many students already have their own personal devices, such as tablets or laptops, it means they can now bring these to school to help with their learning.  They can log-on to the schools Wifi hotspot and make the most of the schools resources to do research, complete their homework and collaborate on projects with their classmates or teachers, all using their own devices.







V110 14" Laptop with Carry Bag, USB and Mouse


 Yoga N24 2in1 Flip Education 11.6" Laptop with Canon Printer



Chromebook 11 G5 11.6" with Canon Printer


 Aspire AO1-431M 14" with Canon Printer